1 Room Tutoring is the passion of Virginia-licensed teacher Teresa Weber.  Many parents want to homeschool their children, especially in this time of uncertainty, but are unsure of their ability to teach more advanced math.


On-line, in real time, with live teacher interaction.


This class serves as the bridge between Arithmetic and Algebra. Students will review integers and fractions, exploring exponents, monomials and polynomials, systems of equation, inequalities. and basic geometry.

Algebra 1

This class provides a broad overview of algebraic concepts for high school or advanced middle school students. Topics include: Equations and Functions with graphing, Graphs of Equations and Functions, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Solutions Using the Discriminant, Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Exponential Functions, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations and Functions.


This class provides a broad overview of geometric concepts for high school or very advanced middle school students. Topics include study of: points, lines, planes geometric shapes including: circles, triangles and rectangles; and area and volume calculations.

She tutored my daughter to prepare her for the ACT test.  Because of Teresa, Sierra was able to bring her scores up to meet the NCAA requirements.  My son has autism which can be challenging.  She has figured out how to keep him engaged and has modified her teaching style to meet his needs.  He responds well to her and I plan on using her throughout high school for him.

Yvette B.

I have sent my child to Mrs. Weber for two years now for advanced math schooling (Algebra and Geometry).  I am so grateful for Mrs. Weber's intelligence, flexibility and bright personality.  My daughter has soared not only in her skills, but also her enthusiasm for math.  I highly recommend Mrs. Weber for any home needing a skilled but sensitive teacher.

Kristin B.

Meet the Teacher

Teresa Weber, licensed teacher in Virginia, owner and operator of 1 Room Tutoring



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