Algebra 1

This class will consist of a two-hour live zoom class once a week, one-hour live zoom class once a week, and 3 – 4 homework assignments to be completed over the course of the week. Students will be expected to take notes and work examples during class. This is a live class, and everyone will be able to ask questions during it. I will periodically call on students to answer questions. Parents, if your student is not comfortable with me calling on them please let me know in advance. Notebook checks will be conducted every week and will be a part of the grade. The classes will also be video taped so students can re-watch if needed. All assignments will be due the day before the next class. Please turn them in on time. Math builds on itself so if you get behind it will be more difficult for you to catch up and understand the content.

Tuition: $75 per month per student

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Payment: I will accept PayPal or Venmo. Make sure you click friends and family if you do not want to get a finance charge. Payments will be due by the 5th of each month.

Late Payments: Payments transmitted after the 5th will be assessed a 10% fee on the outstanding balance. Accounts more than 45 days overdue will not be admitted to the class.

Recommended Calculator

I recommend the TI-30XS calculator. This calculator works well with fractions, and be using the same calculator I can help the student navigate solutions to the problems.

For graphing needs, I recommend the website